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Coyotes Visit Desert Wind School

As part of supporting children and young students' education, the El Paso Coyotes visited yesterday Desert Wind School in Horizon City.

EP Coyotes' Owner Arturo Carrasco and President Gil Cantu talked to a very attentive young crowd to motivate them and keep up with their studies in order to achieve everything they dream in their lives, to do sacrifices and enjoy the rewards of their own efforts, and to always overcome challenges. Also, the students or "Colts", as they like to call their selves, were visibly excited to meet the top defenders Antonio "Mistico" Garcia, Marco Vidal and head coach Jose Luis Treviño, as they gave an enthusiast speech about education and sports as an engine to boost their quality of life. After the excitement and joy of two group sessions of kids and teenagers, Mrs. Aguilera, one of the main teachers of the insitutions and an example of optimism and passion for one's profession, as well as our charming events director, led a very dynamic activity to win prizes such as tickets, official jerseys with the players' autographs, and soccer balls.

The event was an unforgettable experience for both the Coyotes and the Colts. Plenty smiles, cheerful moments and fun were part of this social orientation and sport and education encouragement, not only for this school but to all the El Paso community.

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