What should you know about El Paso Coyotes?

El Paso Coyotes is a relatively new sport team that was only created in 2016. This team is a representative of a little-known variety of football called indoor football. Although this sport is known to few, in recent years it has been gaining popularity among the American population. So, as part of the expansion of the MASL, it was decided to create an indoor football team in the city of El Paso, Texas.

The team made its debut to the MASL in the 2016-2017 season. Despite the fact that this was their first experience of participation in the MASL and some changes in the coaching staff during the season, El Paso showed more than decent results for such a young team. We hope that their future successes will attract more attention to this sport and betting on it.

What is MASL?

Nowadays indoor soccer in the USA has a more organized structure. The first indoor soccer leagues began to appear in the 70s of the XX century. For a long time there were several leagues claiming to be the main one. MASL stands for Major Arena Soccer League. In other words, it is a professional sports league for indoor football. A professional league for this sport was created relatively recently, only 13 years ago. The Major Arena Soccer League was created in 2008. Gradually, the leading clubs joined the newly formed league, and in 2014 MASL became the highest rung in the US indoor soccer hierarchy. And in 2017, MASL got the second division – M2.

Usually the season runs from December to March inclusive. 17 teams, divided into Western and Eastern conferences, are taking part in the 2019/2020 draw. Among the participants there are also two teams from Mexico: Monterrey Flash and Sonora Sans. Teams first hold a regular season, and then identify the champion in the playoff series.

By the way, indoor soccer also attracts the attention of former MLS players. Having finished their careers in “big” football, they try their hand at simpler competitions. Last season, for example, Landan Donovan played for San Diego Sockers, and Jermaine Jones played for Ontario Fury. The transition of a big football star to indoor soccer attracts a lot of attention to this young sport. In terms of popularity, this sport is in no way inferior to mini-football or maybe even more popular than it.

So, what is indoor soccer?

Cricket Betting - ParimatchIndoor soccer or arena soccer is another kind of football. The main difference from regular football is that the game is not played in an open space but inside  (which is stated in the name of the game). In different countries this game is called differently. For example, in Mexico it is called fast football, but in the countries of South America this game is called shawball. The name of this sport originated in both the United States of America and Canada where this sport was invented. Originally, this  football was not even a separate sport, it was just another way to play football only inside a building. The main reasons for this were the weather conditions that did not make it possible to play football outside in winter due to the large amount of snow and low temperatures. Over time, it began to acquire the features of a separate sport in the form of its own rules of the game, the number of players on the field as well as the type of field for  the game. 

This game is played all over the world, but it is most popular in the USA, Canada and Mexico where amateur and professional and even student leagues operate.

How to place bets on indoor football?

Statistics show that 74% of all bets on sports events fall on football matches, another 21% of bets cover hockey, basketball and tennis. All other sports become the subject of bets by only 5% of cuppers.This football is also among those unfairly deprived of attention. This sport is also called mini-football, and the difference from the “big brother” is that they play it inside a stadium, teams consist of six people, and the halves are played for 15 minutes.

Strategies are driven by analytics, and for futsal, the capper must pay attention to two key aspects. This is the tournament motivation and the lineups of the playing teams. When there are six players on the field instead of 11, any line-up change can significantly turn the tide of a match. The figure of the goalkeeper is also acquiring a more significant role in futsal, on whose experience and qualifications the final outcome of the game can largely depend.

The main difficulty of the analysis lies in the fact that it is very difficult to find detailed statistics of the teams, and even more so the statistics of the actions of individual players. Yet this sport is not so popular as to create separate sites with statistics. Nevertheless, any necessary information is available in open sources, you just need to be able to use search engines. 

Sensational results in national indoor football championships are very rare, but in international tournaments of national teams, odds of 6.00 and higher often break through.

Despite its growing popularity, indoor football is a poorly understood sport with very few experts. At the same time, a lot of fans from the countries of Southern Europe place bets on it, which is why the odds often reflect not the true balance of power, but just the addiction of the fans. Therefore, when betting, one must often go against the opinion of the majority and be able to make non-standard decisions. But still, don’t chase money and bet wisely.