How does everything Major League work?

Since 2020, 26 clubs have taken part in MLS, which are divided into two conferences (Western and Eastern). Three clubs represent Canada, the rest are the USA. Each team plays 34 football games during the regular season (17 at home and 17 away). Among these matches, 24 meetings are held between opponents within the framework of their conference, and another 10 get through games against teams from another conference. Interestingly, with such a system, one club  is guaranteed not to play a single match against three teams from an adjacent conference at once.

The championship is divided into two parts. In the regular season, there are 34 games in which the scoring system meets generally accepted standards (win – 3, draw – 1, defeat – 0). The club  with the most points becomes the champion of the regular season. Then comes the playoffs.

There are 7 teams from each conference in the playoffs. The conference champion is exempt from the first round. Thus, in the first round of the playoffs from different sides of the grid, East and West begin to move towards the final: 2nd place plays against 7th, 3rd against 6th, 4th against 5th on the teams’ fields, above in the table. Since last season, teams have played one game per elimination in the playoffs. In the conference semifinals, the winners of the first round are joined by the champions. Then the final of the conferences and the final of the MLS Cup.

Gradual expansion

As we said earlier, MLS is a fast-growing league, so the appearance of new clubs is not unusual for it. The league has recently added two new clubs. Inter Miami entered the Eastern Division, and Nashville FC entered the Western Division. Thus, 26 clubs will start the new football season, not 24 as it was before. More clubs, more options for betting.

Seattle Sounders is the reigning champion of the MLS. In the final of the playoffs last year, the Sounders defeated Toronto 3-1. The Supporters’ Shield (award to the club with the most points in the regular season) was won by Los Angeles FC. The top scorer of the league was the forward of the same team Carlos Vela (34 goals).

No longer a place for European football retirees

Usually, older players come to play football in America, to finish the game, who find it difficult to maintain the pace and intensity of the European tournaments. This attracted the attention of fans and increased the number of bets on these clubs. However, recently, it has begun to change the vector of development, inviting young stars from Central and South America, giving them the opportunity to play at a different level. In the new season, they talk about championship, for the most part, in the context of losses, because there are much more transfers “on the way out” among the star “retirees” of the league than everyone is used to. That there is only the departure of two main stars – Zlatan Ibrahimovic (to Milan) and Wayne Rooney (to Derby)! Also left for Europe  Nicholas Gaitan from the “Chicago Fire”.

How to bet on MLS

This league has its own peculiarities, which are often used by fans of sports betting. So, traditionally, it is believed that American soccer is over productive, and the clubs are not very successful in defensive and tactical tricks. Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to the totals and handicaps in matches, as well as observe the personal indicators of individual players. Carefully study the statistics for more favorable bets. This is another feature that can be used for betting on football in America.